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Niko04Pet Name: Niko
Show name: Watermark Tictoc Tankit
Sex: Male
DOB: 26/02/2008
Breed: Pug
Breeder: Gwen Oake (Watermark)
Owner: Karen
Hobbies: Agility
Likes: Agility mmm thats about it really oh and kissing peoples faces and ears, and his favourite food is chicken korma from Spice Garden on Ocean Road
Dislikes: Border Collies, Bathtime, peas, people leaving the house, people stretching

Niko is the team superstar who started off with a succesful show career, qualifying for Crufts as a puppy with his first time showing owner.

He had already started his agility training by the time he got to Crufts, so spent most of his time in the ring woofing at the judge when she looked at him!

He adores his agility and has been a wonderful help in training the other pugs. Now agility Gr 6 and with a Silver agility warrant.

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