Niko - Watermark Tictoc Tankit by Lilian BlotThis website is dedicated to Pugs and agility. Anyone who owns a Pug will understand that there really is no other pet anyone could want and that if its not a Pug its only a dog.

Pugs have a reputation for being lazy, stupid and ugly but they are quite simply the complete opposite of all of those and we find them active, intelligent and beautiful pets.

For anyone who has owned a Pug you will want to take part in lots of the Pug based activities in your area like walks, parties and shows but you can also take your Pug to do agility too. Agility is a canine sport dominated by border collies but it is also open to all size dogs who are fit active and healthy including Pugs.

Be prepared when you run a Pug at an agility competition however to be the centre of attention and to get lots and lots of comments, we have heard them all mostly people loving watching them running and only occasionally rude but then some people are just jealous because we always take the best dog home.

Training Pugs to do agility is not the same as most dogs and we have found out that Pug owners can easily be put off by training techniques that just dont suit. That is why Pugility exist and helps Pug owners to train their Pugs themselves or for trainers to help understand what works well with these special little dogs. 

Niko Watermark Tictoc Tankit