Steady Steps to Creating an Agility Pug

Pugs are a fascinating breed of dog, they are so stuffed full of personality it's easy to see why they are called "multum in parvo"-much in little.

 MG 0661So you have brought your pug puppy home and are surprised at how much energy she has. As she grows she chases the cat and any other dogs in your house, she demands to be walked off lead every day otherwise she will make you pay! Well maybe not as bad as that, but people often expect a lazy lapdog and are astounded when they get an energetic, happy and boisterous bundle of fun.
Bring your pug to Pugility training to release that energy and build up the bond between you. Pugs are naturally human orientated they love spending time with you this helps you to maintain collaboration in the ring. They want to please you and when they discover how much fun they can have playing the game of Pugility with you they will become addicted.

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